Thursday, September 13, 2012

Some thoughts on the asexual blogosphere

Back in July, Siggy posted on his blog and on AVEN a proposal for an asexual group blog, requesting volunteers:
We need to revitalize the asexual blogosphere. Based on my observation of other blogospheres, here’s how to do it: create an authoritative blog. This would be the blog that every asexual worth their salt needs to read, the monarch of the asexual blogosphere. I’m not just throwing this around as an idea, I will actually do this. I volunteer to spearhead it. And I want more volunteers to help run it.
I was interested, and so I volunteered. My first post was about Bullshit and Asexual Politics, and later I started a series about AVEN. After I posted the first and already had a draft of the 2nd, I was removed from the group blog and a post was made "sad news" announcing my removal. While that post gave a supposed justification for my removal, it was several days before I found out the actual reason. Probably like the majority of people on AVEN, I am politically left-leaning, but am very much not sold on tumblr style "social justice" activism. I label this SJism. Basically, what I have in mind is a tendency to focus on in oppression and privilege, especially being oppressed entitles one to speak on some subject, whereas having privilege dis-entitles someone to speak on it. No doubt, many adherents will object to this term, but I use it because I had positive connotations with "social justice" before it was co-opted to have its present meaning on tumblr. Now, I don't much like SJism, though I won't go into the reasons as these are basically the same as those of most left-leaning people who don't much like such approaches.

In addition to being removed from the group blog, I was banned from commenting, although on account of some people protesting in the comments, I was later allowed to comment on other parts of the blog, with the understanding I wouldn't be allowed to defend myself regarding my removal. As such, the closest I could do was comment by proxy through friends, and the actual reason (after I learned it myself) was posted by Ithaca, and confirmed in the comments by Siggy as "a sufficiently accurate description."

So Andrew has apparently been removed from the blog for the following reasons: a) He doesn’t much like SJism, b) He sometimes finds it difficult to constructively engage with some SJers (but not others) and that in such cases, he thinks it’s best to ignore them to avoid flamewars, and c) He thought a fair amount of the content on the blog was inappropriate for a Asexuality 201 blog
This whole affair has prompted me to ask something that's been in the back of my mind for a while: When I first starting blogging, SJ asexual blogs (and I'm using this expression loosely) existed, but they weren't the only ones around, but my impression has long been that in the years since then, SJers have increasingly come to dominate the asexual blogosphere. This strikes me as somewhat odd, given that people with views similar to my own--left leaning but very much not sold on SJ ideology--probably makes us the majority position on AVEN and probably also among AVEN's PT/admods.

And yet, in the asexual blogosphere, it is sufficiently "extreme" to get me removed from a group blog aiming to something that "every asexual worth their salt needs to read."

My question for readers is this: Why?