Saturday, September 10, 2011

The upcoming PT election on AVEN

On AVEN, nominations are currently going on for the new Project Team (PT). Beginning this next term, there are a few important changes:
1) No one can be on PT and be an admod at the same time.
2) Terms are for 2 years, rather than one.
3) There are now four general positions and one position for a specific Research Contact position.
4) When someone steps down, their replacement will be elected to a 2 year term starting from when they were elected (which should help stagger elections so that to avoid the possibility of the whole team getting replaced all at once and thus not having anyone to show them the ropes.)

The requirements for being the Dedicated Research Contact are as follows:
Research is a little different to other PT activities, in that it requires a specialist on the team. Thus, to run for the position of Research Contact, the candidate must be qualified in a field relevant to asexual research. A minimal set of requirements are
(i) to hold or be in the process of obtaining a Masters Level degree or higher in a relevant field,
(ii) a familiarity with the existing research literature on the subject of asexuality,
(iii) a sound grasp of the field of online research ethics.

If anyone is interested in running for either of these positions, the nominations threads are here:

Project Team nominations (general positions)

Dedicated Research Contact nominations

Because of the research issues, I think that joining the PT can be a good way for undergrads and graduate students wanting to get involved in researching asexuality in a few years to get a feel for the field and to make contacts with people researching asexuality.

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