Friday, January 7, 2011

Defining Paraphilia in DSM-5: Do not disregard grammar

In the ongoing DSM-5 paraphilia controvercy, I now have another publication.

Defining Paraphilia in DSM-5: Do Not Disregard Grammar published in the Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy.

Blanchard (2009a, 2009b, 2009c) proposed a definition of paraphilia for Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM)-5, delimiting a range of so-called normative sexuality and defining paraphilia as any intense and persistent sexual interest other than that. The author examines the wording and intended meaning of this definition, and he argues that there are many problems with it that “correct” interpretation requires ignoring what it says. Because of these problems and the possibility of civil commitment under sexually violent predator/person laws on the basis of a diagnosis of paraphilia NOS, caution and careful consideration of grammar and wording is urged in drafting a definition for paraphilia for DSM-5.

As many will recall, another one of my publications also had "defining paraphila" in the title. This is because these two papers were originally a single paper divided into two. The first part became "Defining Paraphilia in DSM-5: Do not disregard grammar" and argues that the particular definition of "paraphilia" proposed is unworkable. The second part became Defining paraphilia: Excluding exclusion and argued that any "definition by exclusion" would be incompatible with the DSM's definition of mental disorder and the logic behind the declassification of homosexuality. However, the "second paper" was published in an open access journal, and so was published before the "first paper."

For anyone who can't get a copy of this paper but would like to read it, just send me an email requesting a copy.

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