Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Updating the AVENwiki

AS many of you know, I was elected to be part of AVEN's Project Team (PM) a few months ago. Since joining, one of the projects that I am particularly wanting to get going is a major overhaul of the AVENwiki. It was started several years ago with considerable ambition--and with hopes that it would be regularly updated. It does have a fair amount of useful static content, but the ambitions for it to be updated regularly haven't been lived up to.

As a result, there are a lot of pointless pages, there is a lot of out-dated content, and there is a lot of new material to be written about. Oven on AVEN, the PT started a thread Updating the wiki to get discussion going about what people would like to see for the wiki. We had some really valuable feedback, and based on that, I summarized what I saw to be the main points people had raised.

Since having these discussions, some AVENites have starting making some serious changes to the wiki, and it looks a whole lot better. (Just check out the new design for the first page you see when clicking on it.)

I encourage people to go check out the changes that have been made, and if there are any articles that you think it needs, feel free to write an article on that subject. Or if you don't feel up to it (or might feel better collaborating with someone), then go post on the thread in AVEN that you would like to see someone write an article on that subject. This is going to be a big project, but I am excited about it, and there have already been some encouraging results.


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