Thursday, September 23, 2010

Asexual Awareness Week

The week of September 20-24 (this Monday to this Friday) has been designated as Asexual Awareness Week, an online event to spur asexual visibility, especially through Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and somewhat with blogging.

As explained in this video the purpose of this is largely to create asexual visibility among people in the LGBT community, as they are probably our strongest potential ally in our vis/ed efforts.

As part of this campaign, a number of "Dear LGBT" videos have been created, many of these being a part of HPoA:

Dear LGBT -- With love, Aim
Dear LGBT Community - From, Heidi
Dear LGBT Community - Love, Jenni
Dear LGBT Community - Love, Ally
Dear LGBTQ - Love (THAT'S RIGHT), Arne
Dear LGBT, Smoochies- Sassy
Dear LGBTQ Community — Love, Wojtek

In addition to these, there have also been some additional videos:

Dear LGBT Community-From, Holly
Dear LGBT Community - Love, PyroNeko

In addition to these videos, there has been some substantial blogging work, including some guest posts at The Bilerico Project: The X-Factor and Redefining Intimacy. There have also been a number of individual blog posts.

One of the purposes of this is for people to be able to link to these on twitter and (I assume) Facebook.

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