Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Unexpected directions

Since I found the asexual community about 2.5 years ago, it has taken my life in directions I would never ever have expected. My attempts to make sense of asexuality and subsequent interest in academic work on the matter has resulted in this blog, the Asexual Explorations website, and my work with AVEN doing outreach to the DSM-5 Sexual Dysfunction Subworkgroup.

The interests that I gained through that and through the background reading I did to get informed on the issues has caused me to take considerable interest in not only how HSDD turns out in DSM-5, but also what shape the Paraphilias take and issues of how our society approaches sexual violence and sex-offenders. In many ways, I now find myself more interested in the Paraphilias than in HSDD, and this has had a definite effect on what I've been blogging about.

It causes me to ask about the direction that my blog is taking. The aim of my blog is, as my subtitle says, "Thinking critically about asexuality," yet I now find myself sometimes talking more about other issues, and I'm wanting feedback from readers on the matter.

I've considered making a second blog about the Paraphilias issues, but I've already spent a lot of work developing this blog and getting a readership, and making a separate blog would result in these issues getting less visibility than they would otherwise. One of the main reason that I'm blogging about these things is because I think they are issues needing more visibility and awareness. I also want people (myself included) to think about these issues in light of asexuality and to think about what relationship asexuality has to things like the DSM diagnoses labeled "Paraphilias" and to issues of how our society approaches combating sexual violence.

On the other hand, my blog is primarily about asexuality and I this is--I assume--what readers are most interested in. I certainly still post about these things and try to keep people updated on the academic literature on the matter. And I expect that in the future, more of my posts will be more specifically focused on asexuality. So, I guess I'm just curious what readers think about the directions that my blog has been taking. Should I create a second blog? Should I try more to tie issues to asexuality? Or would that be pointless and annoying? Let me know what you think.


Anonymous said...

I find it interesting to watch the evolution of topics. Rather than create a separate blog or stretch ideas to always tie into asexuality, it might be helpful to continue using the tags on your entries. That way, someone looking for information on the DSM-V or on paraphilias, for example, could easily find the relevant entries and you would save your own energy by not having to maintain two blogs at once.


ACH said...

That sounds like a good idea. When I started my blog, I had used tags, but then I guess I sort of gave up. I'm going through my posts now adding tags, and I'll add a list on the right hand side.

SlightlyMetaphysical said...

Sounds like you want some validation. Personally, I'm interested in the paraphilias stuff, and wouldn't mind at all if you continued to write about them.

Especially since they all say 'paraphilias' in the title or opening paragraph, anyone who's bored of the subject could just not read them, so you don't need to worry too much.

Ily said...

Another vote here for keeping it as one blog. Even if it's not exactly asexuality, it's still your perspectives on something sexual, as an asexual, which I think makes it definitely relevant to your overall theme...if that makes sense.