Saturday, May 22, 2010

Asexual Studies Email List

For people researching asexuality (or interested in researching asexuality) an Asexual Studies Email List has recently been created.*

Here is it's description:
Within the past decade, a growing number of individuals, self-identifying as asexual, have come together to form asexual communities. Although self-definitions vary widely, many of these individuals describe themselves as experiencing little or no sexual desire. In addition, they do not regard asexuality as a pathological condition but, rather, as a #variant of human sexual expression. For researchers in the field of psychology and related disciplines, the elaboration of asexual identities and the growth of online asexual #communities raise a range of questions about pathology, normativity and normality, the universality of sexual desire, the importance of sexuality to self-identity, and societal conceptions of what it means to be a fully-functioning person. This list provides a forum for researchers in this growing field to meet, network and exchange ideas.

*A while ago, something on Google Groups was set up with a similar purpose, but it has fallen into disuse and has problems with spam.

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