Friday, March 19, 2010

More DSM-V news

Regarding the proposed changes to the Sexual and Gender Identity Disorders for DSM-V, there has been considerable controversy, especially with the Paraphilias and (what is now called) Gender Identity Disorder, although things have been pretty quiet with respect to the Sexual Dysfunctions.

To try to build support for the changes to the paraphilias, two articles have been published:

James Cantor has posted an article called “Depathologize!”: A follow-up in which he argues that while the GID subcommittee is expanding that diagnosis by allowing intersex people to be diagnosed with it (though he prefers the term "Disorders of Sex Development"), the Paraphilias subcommittee is narrowing that category. It is a rather difficult case to make given that the paraphilias subcommittee is proposing two new diagnoses and is proposing changing pedophilia (sexual attraction to prepubescents) to pedohebephilia (sexual attraction to prepubescents and/or children going through puberty.)

Last month, Alice Dreger had an article published called Of Kinks, Crimes, and Kinds: The Paraphilias Proposal for the DSM-5. If you're interested in my take on that, yours truly is the commenter with the University of Illinois email address.

However, there have been some rather substantial attacks as well, most notably from Allen Frances, who has consistently been a powerful critic of the DSM-V process. The title of his most recent article leaves little doubt of where he stands:
DSM5 and Sexual Disorders -- Just Say No

Perhaps it should be no surprise that when it come to trying to define what is "normal" sexuality and how to deal with sexual deviance, especially when there are major civil liberties issues at stake, things have a tendency to get controversial...

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