Friday, December 11, 2009

DSM-V anticipated date of publication moved back a year

For some time, there have been serious criticism of the DSM-V process, including criticism that the process is not transparent enough and that there is no way they can finish by May 2012. Yesterday, an article about the matter, to appear in New Scientist on Saturday, was published website: Pscyhiatry's Civil War. Published along side it was a scathing editorial titled Time's up for psychiatry's bible.

Within hours of it appearing online, the American Psychiatric Association issues a press release: DSM-5 Publication Date Moved to May 2013

The press release also indicated that, according the the chair of the DSM-V task-force,
draft changes to the DSM will be posted on the DSM-5 Web site in January 2010. Comments will be accepted for two months and reviewed by the relevant DSM-5 Work Groups in each diagnostic category. Field trials for testing proposed changes will be conducted in three phases.

This seems to be a positive development. For some interesting commentary on the matter, see New Scientist expose of psychiatry’s "civil war" on the blog, In the news, which is where I first learned about the articles and the press release.

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