Thursday, July 30, 2009

Another publication on asexuality

A few months ago, I had a post in which I informed readers of a letter to the editor I wrote ("Methodological Issues for Studying Asexuality") that was published in one of the sexuality journals.

A response has recently been published (online) in the same journal.

Brotto, L. A., Yule, M. A. Reply to Hinderliter Archives of Sexual Behavior.


Toff said...

Where can we read the entire letter? It looks like it costs money to see it online; is it in the print journal too?

pretzelboy said...

The part that you can read for free (the first page) is about 2/3 of the letter. For the rest, if are a university student or faculty member, you can probably download a copy for free through your library. If not, you could email someone who does have access and see if they'll email you a copy. As for the print version, it should appear in that in a few months. (Springer is publishing things online before they go to press.)