Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Have you written a paper on asexuality that you would like to share?

As many readers know, the website Asexual Explorations exists to promote the academic study of asexuality. It currently has a an extensive bibliography of academic materials on or relating to asexuality, ideas for future research on asexuality, links to other resources about asexuality, and currently hosts a few articles on asexuality.

Currently, almost everything on the site is written by me, and I am wanting to expand it beyond that to add a greater variety of perspectives. In particular, I would like to use to site to host articles about asexuality written by members of the asexual community and their allies. If anyone has written a paper on asexuality, out of personal interest of for class, and would like to share it with the asexual community and with people interested academic perspectives on asexuality, I would like to use to site to host these papers.

The kinds of papers I would like to be able to host are ones that:
-contain original ideas about asexuality (i.e. no "Asexuality 101" papers.)
-fit with the intended audience for the website, namely people who are already familiar with asexuality and want to have a more academic and/or critical understanding of it(See the about page for more information about intended readership.)
-the author feels comfortable using their own name on it. (This is, of course, optional. However, I think papers feel more credible if they have a name on them rather than something like "pretzelboy." However, using initials for given and/or middle name is okay as and so is writing pseudonymously.)

One of the reasons that I don't want any "Asexuality 101" papers is that a) this information is readily available on the internet, and b) I would like the site to be useful to people writing papers for class, especially to help them do research, find articles, and have more articles to cite, but am afraid that if papers are too general, some naughty students may simply attempt to use one of the papers as their own. (Also, documents will be posted as pdf's to help prevent this.)

If you have a paper you would like to share, please contact me at
info at asexualexplorations dot net

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