Sunday, April 26, 2009

Amoeba in their natural habitat

In the last post, I had said that I one thing I wanted to do with the site Asexual Explorations was to host articles people have written about asexuality. The first one is now up for people to read. (Adding this paper prompted the previous post rather than the other way around.) Articles are posted on a page called Hosted articles. (I've also linked two papers already up on the site so that there would be more than just one to start with.)

Amoeba in their Habitat
The Asexual Community: An Ecological and Discursive Perspective.
C. J. Chasin.

This paper takes an ecological community psychology approach to exploring the online asexual community. The Asexuality Visibility & Education Network (AVEN) English language message board serves as a case study to illustrate what it means to be part of an asexual community, or to self-identify as asexual, in a social context that does not account for asexuality. Since online asexual community interactions exist in textual form, asexual language and discourses are discussed and situated within a broader (largely North American) cultural tradition. Theoretical considerations are given to the meaning of an asexual identity.

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