Sunday, February 1, 2009

Promoting the Academic Study of Asexuality

Behold: Asexual Explorations The Website

I am especially interested in the place of asexuality in academia, and it is one of the ways that I feel I can best put my own abilities to help the asexual community. It was one of the things I had in mind when I started blogging—creating content to help critical thinking about asexuality to help people researching the subject.

One limitation of the blogging format is that it is a highly informal medium and it isn’t especially good for static content. Also, I have some pieces on the page that would be of particular interested for anyone researching asexuality, but might not be very interesting to many of the readers of my blog

The site is designed primarily for two groups: academics researching asexuality and students writing papers on the subject for class. I intend my blog to continue in the general direction that it's been going, but I'll also make a post to tell people whenever I make a significant addition to the site.


Queers United said...

I really admire what you are doing here on this blog and your general optimism and outlook. It is really time scienctists, psychologists, and academics of all kinds pay attention to asexuals and be inclusive of this sub-group within the context of health, literature, etc. Asexuals have been largely invisible and it is not fair.

Tanja Kovačič said...

I really like you blog. I'm writing my final university degree about asexuality. And your blog is really helping me with that. It's full of good ideas.
Thank you for the good work!

pretzelboy said...

I'm glad you're finding it helpful. I know that I've learned a lot of about asexuality from doing research for and the writing of this blog. It's amazing how actually writing down (or typing) our ideas often ends up changing them.