Friday, February 13, 2009

Am I the only one?

With the new front page's recent makeover, AVEN is trying to have more dynamic content there. One source is the "Asexual Perspectives" feature--they had this for a while ago, and then it got discontinued. Since the makeover, they've been trying to revive it. Ily wrote the first, and today they posted a new one that I wrote. Am I the only one?

As a general shout out, in addition to "asexual perspectives," AVEN publishes a bimonthly newsletter called AVENues. (There's a link to the newest copy on AVEN's main page.) For any readers out there feeling aceographically inclined but not wanting to start a blog, both of these have a pretty constant need of submissions and would love to hear from you. (Aceographically is the adverbial form of aceography: writing about asexuality.)


Anonymous said...

"Aceography"? "Aceographically inclined"? I love this. Will either of these two be my aromantic and asexual Valentine? We can spend the evening writing my special Valentine's Day weekend entry (the room will be lit by my regular desk lamp - candles are too dangerous in a space as tighly packed with stuff as my room) and when it's done as a reward we can bake (absolutely not heart-shaped) chocolate chip cookies and eat some of them with soy milk while watching Withnail and I (I bought the DVD since Ily recommends it so often as an asexy movie, but I haven't seen it yet). We'll have to turn off the lights for the movie, but I'll leave the couch to the guest and sit in my usual chair.

And I promise not to take advantage of the occasion and ask for a goodnight kiss - a hug is possible though.

pretzelboy said...

I've already got a date with aceography for today, but I'm sure aceographically would love some absolutely not heart-shaped cookies and a hug.

Ily said...

I want a live-in, permanent best friend too :-) I grew up in a totally non-religious environment (I was always the person in my family who was most interested in religion), so I liked reading your perspective.

Ily said...

(Also, Withnail and I! Squee! Lemme know what you think, rainbow!)