Monday, December 22, 2008

Comment about that last post

In my last post, I had an “interview” with a heterosex-positive educator who attempted to defend the claim that all people are heterosexual. It was a joke. There is no heterosex-positive movement. From some of the comments I have gotten (and rejected to save commenter from embarasment), it seems that some readers didn't pick up on this.

Evidently, my satirical skills need some work.


Queers United said...

There is a hetero-sex positive movement it is called evangelical christianity, in the context of marriage they are very hetero-sex positive.

pretzelboy said...

Yes. Evangelicals tend to be very pro-sex in the context of (heterosexual) marriage. My suspicion is that they know that they are criticized as being anti-sex or sex negative, so they emphasize how good sex is. (That and if they said that sex is bad, their youth would likely ignore them.) As such, they feel that such criticisms aren't very valid. They value sex, but in a way that values conformity over diversity.

However, Mr. Walter T. Foster doesn't really strike me as sounding much like an abstinence until marriage ideologue.

willendork said...

I also doubt the fundamentalist christians would be willing to expand the definition of heterosexuality to include many other sexual acts (and pairings).

Also, I just caught Walter T. Foster's initials. I'd say your satirical skills are just fine. ;)

pretzelboy said...

I would guess that a surprisingly large number would be more open to more acts than one might think. As for pairings...not so much. Though I have read about some sections of the ex-gay movement that encourage members to consider themselves "heterosexual in Christ." (Cringe) On the other hand, I once stumbled upon a blog of someone in the ex-gay movement who knew perfectly well what crap that is.